MiXFits® is all makeup in a system that gives us custom control over the color, performance, and texture of our products.

Our products are simple, exceptionally effective formulas so you can choose what you put on your skin with confidence in a high performing final look.

Non-toxic, gluten free, vegan options
No Cruelty

How does MiXFits work?


Colors are highly concentrated in pigments and/or dyes, and do not perform as makeup on their own. To use them as a makeup product, intermix them with MiXFits Elements or color products of other brands that already have performance built in.

Unattached & Attached Colors


The Elements are the MiXFits performance line. For makeup that stays on the skin, choose an Element with a finish. For makeup that falls away, choose Unattached.



The Colors and Elements are powders, the purest form of makeup, which means they are the easiest texture to transform. We are working hard to bring you our solutions. Until then, check out our simple modification suggestions or intermix with skincare or makeup products of other brands.

Cream mixing medium
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