well + ness

The quality or state of being in good health

MiXFits supports the pursuit of wellness through awareness and minimalism, so you can choose what you put on your skin.

How does makeup affect the quality or state of good health?

“Good health” is a whole person concept, a mind-body-soul balance each of us pursue according to our
individual needs. While makeup can affect the way we feel and/or think, physical wellness is the top
concern when it comes to products we put on our skin. We look for assurances, and we want them as
simple as a label like “organic” and “natural.” Many of us are aware these terms are not defined for
cosmetics by the FDA, which means marketers can manipulate what they mean. How then are we to
know what is safe with it comes to our cosmetic products?


Most of us want makeup products that aren’t going to harm us in the short term or the long term. This
includes anything from a terminal illness to topical irritation. What is safe for one human isn’t
necessarily safe for all, but there is one universal rule when it comes to makeup safety of any cosmetic
of any brand, natural or not: avoid dust inhalation.

Avoid Inhaling Dust

If your makeup work involves airbrush, that counts. Steer clear of dust clouds, practice holding your
breath, use fans, and make sure there’s ventilation. Being aware of potential danger is our first line of

Safe Ingredients

The FDA and the EU are the regulatory agencies in the U.S. and Europe, and are responsible for
approving what cosmetic ingredients are safe to put on our skin. This includes how and where we wear
it. MiXFits was designed to be a transparent and minimalist approach to cosmetics, meaning each of our
products are formulated to be as simple and as recognizable as possible without sparing performance.
Due to this, we can help you be aware of ingredient restrictions at a glance. You will find our regulatory symbols on the labels of every box.

Safe for eyes
Safe for skin
Safe for lips

If you’re interested in learning more about the specific ingredients in MiXFits, we have assembled them here with their links to the Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep Database, an excellent resource for all things cosmetic.

Isolating Issues

MiXFits is the first makeup color line that allows you to customize your products according to your
personal wellness needs. Due to our ingredient transparency and minimalism, you can now test for skin
staining, allergies, and irritants through the process of elimination, and build your makeup collection
with control over what you put on your skin. For details on this and other safety practices, see our page on Product Safety here.