Adhesive Elements

Shimmer, Luster, & Matte

Elements with a finish have stay power, and can be used without Colors as translucent foundations or targeted blur layers, as finish adjusters, or to create an added adhesive base (a primer) for any cosmetic you put on top of it. If irritation is experienced with any one Element, you can dilute it with another Element or opt out of that product all together. Intermixing Elements results in a variety of appearance options. Color them for body, eyes, face or lip applications such as, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliners, blushes, contouring colors, highlights, etc.

Non-Adhesive Elements


Elements without stay power do not have the adherence to the skin like Matte, Luster, and Shimmer do. They do not have a finish. They absorb moisture and oil before falling away. They can be used as is, they can be colored, or they can substitute Color in your item formulation to dilute pigment and/or dye concentrations against the skin. These are a great option for both the most sensitive skin types and fair skin that can stain easily. It is the choice for fallout veils, finishing powders, and touch-up powders.