per + for + mance

The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function

MiXFits is quality makeup products that perform with exceptional results, results immediately customizable in color, performance and texture, because we’re different, and we all have the agency to change our minds.

What is the action, task or function of makeup?

We believe makeup’s function is to topically alter the appearance of the human body in part or in whole. To accomplish this, makeup must perform a variety of actions that can adjust to what end result an individual requires. And, we prefer not to have added weight, unnecessary additives or excess packaging.

Exceptional Actions of Makeup

Different makeup uses require different levels of adherence (the longevity, the stay power of a makeup). For applications that stay put, makeup should have long-lasting results, whereas uses like fall-out veils and
setting powders should have no adherence.

All makeup should distribute colors on the skin evenly and smoothly.

The feel is the experience of the makeup against your skin, and should be comfortable and smooth.

Makeup should provide consistent results that can be repeated or altered reliably.

Makeup that stays on the skin should be able to float to resist sinking into fine lines and wrinkles, and to maintain even coverage despite moisture, natural oils, and heat.

Makeup that stays will also have a finish. Finishes address degrees of light reflection. A matte finish reflects no light whereas a glitter finish can throw light around like a disco ball.

How does MiXFits achieve exceptional performance?

MiXFits is a makeup system, each part of the system dedicated to a basic property of all makeup. This way, we can focus our formulations on delivering the most effective results possible with intense concentrations of only essential ingredients. Approaching makeup like this gives us the widest range of options available for custom makeup work.

The MiXFits Colors are highly concentrated in pigments and dyes, capable of a wide range of vibrancies from bold to subdue. Intense color potential is required for exceptional results across the array of human skin colors, but these products do not have the performance of makeup.

The Elements are the MiXFits products that deliver the exceptional performance of quality makeup with a semi-transparent result. They can be worn as is, or they can be colored with the MiXFits Colors products. If you aren’t sure which Element you need, remember all makeup falls into two categories: do you want it to stay on your skin or not?

To Stay

  • Foundations
  • Eye Shadows
  • Eyeliners
  • Blushes
  • Lip Colors
  • Highlights
  • Contour Shadows
  • Brow Shadows
  • ETC

Not To Stay

  • Fallout Veil
  • Setting Powder
  • Oil Remover
  • Touch-up Powder
  • ETC

Choose an Element with a Finish

Choose the Element Unattached (no stay, no finish)