Makeup Options

A century of convenience makeup has us thinking about makeup in terms related to placement.

Eyeshadows shade the eye, blush colors the cheeks; we have lipstick, foundation, eyeliners, lip liners,
contour shades, brow shades, etc.

MiXFits is all makeup.

Instead of thinking about makeup in terms of placement, consider how all makeup falls into two categories: adhesive makeup and non-adhesive makeup. “Adhesive” is not the most attractive word, but it’s the most accurate for topical applications (i.e. versus permanent makeup that stays in the skin). Speaking conventionally, we want eyeshadows, foundations, blushes, and so forth to stay put, but we want our setting powders, oil blotters, and fallout veils to go away. Fully reimagined with MiXFits, we can now talk about makeup like this: what effect do you want and were, and how do you want it? No more hunting for that perfect gray or maroon or copper eyeshadow or liner or blush or lip shade. With MiXFits, curate it.