MiXFits is Makeup Options

A century of convenience makeup has us thinking about makeup in terms related to placement.

Eyeshadows shade the eye, blush colors the cheeks; we have lipstick, foundation, eyeliners, lip liners,
contour shades, brow shades, etc.

What would happen if we talked about the basic properties of makeup instead of where the makeup is supposed to go?


Sometimes we want colors where they “don’t belong.” Sometimes we want colors that don’t exist, or it did and was discontinued. Sometimes we love a color, but it doesn’t look the same on our skin as it does in it’s package. With MiXFits, we can mix the color we want, know where we can safely put it on our skin, record the formula to recreate it later if we love it, and adjust colors in the palette or on our faces using basic color theory.


Makeup performance begins with stay power. Often, we want makeup to stay where we put it, but not always. If we want a makeup to stay, it will have to have a finish of some kind. What if you want a matte product to have a little shimmer? What if you want a color to be matte instead of reflectant? MiXFits Elements gives us the ability to have what we want where we want it, and either stay put or go away.


There are pros and cons to light texture/coverage, heavy texture/coverage, and every kind in between, and they will vary person to person, and even spot to spot across an individual’s face. Being able to control texture allows us to isolate the intensity, and even freeze reflection or boldness of tone. We can avoid sinkage where it counts, and rely less on coverage for concealing, because with MiXFits, we have more tools at our disposal, like color theory and light theory.

With a makeup system focused on the basic properties of makeup, we can now talk about makeup like this: what effect do you want and were, and how do you want it? With MiXFits, curate it.