Modify Texture

Texture modification is changing the consistency of your product. There are many consistencies of makeup for both functional and personal purposes. Dry is a great texture for some applications, but it’s not ideal for stark lines or dense coverage. Liquids and creams are better for these.

We are working hard to bring you buildable modifiers that will achieve a variety of textures for performance applications such as full coverage and mascara, but until then we have a few highly effective, simple suggestions.

Liquid mixing medium
Liquid Application

Modifying Vegetable Glycerin and Water (MVW)

Equal parts Vegetable Glycerin and purified water

If this ratio is uncomfortable, dilute it to equal parts.

If your solution is at least half Vegetable Glycerin, and if it’s stored in a dropper bottle in a dry, cool location, the shelf life is 6+ months. If your solution is less than half Vegetable Glycerin, the shelf life is only a few days.

Cream mixing medium
Cream Application

Modifying Creams (MC)

What’s great about this option is you can use the light lotions or creams you already know work for you. Mix with a finished MiXFits formula in a jar or pot or palette, or in the palm of your hand.

We suggest using a half loose scoop of MiXFits to a day’s serving of lotion or cream for a soft, moderate coverage foundation. You can dust or press dry MiXFits over the top of applied lotion while the lotion is still tacky to increase coverage.

Heavy lotions and creams that do not absorb fully into the skin migrate throughout the day. To control these mediums for makeup, you will want to set your product with a tinted Unattached Element, unless movement is what you want.

If you mix your lotion and MiXFits in quantity, the shelf life is subject to the shelf life of the lotion. If the lotion does not have preservatives, the shelf life is only a few days.

Other Brand

Use MiXFits to adjust the colors of other color cosmetic brands. You can apply MiXFits directly over the top of most freshly applied convenience products, or intermix in a pot, palette or your palm. Other cosmetic brands already have performance built in, so if you are wanting to adjust a product’s color, you may not need to add Elements. Elements are suggested for overlay applications.

If you mix in quantity, the shelf life of this option is subject to that of the convenience product.