Details that can help in formulating and problem-solving:

  • Before applying products to your skin, do a patch test to insure you are not sensitive or susceptible to staining.
  • Use a protective layer, such as a paper towel or parchment paper, to avoid staining surfaces when mixing.
  • Always start with mixing your colors. To match, neutralize or achieve a certain tone, apply colors directly to your skin without Elements. Allow body heat a few minutes to soften the colors for true-to-eye results.
  • A little air in your Mixing Bag allows the makeup to move and mix more thoroughly. Too much air and the makeup may not move at all, and it may compromise the seal, meaning potential dust exposure.
  • Be sure to seal the bag before mixing. Pinching the seal while mixing helps to avoid accidental product leakage and dust exposure.
  • Follow the directions and mixing ratios. If you want to use more Elements for increased performance, consider using a slightly darker or warmer color to offset potential affects.
  • Use the scoops and bags, and never double dip brushes after contact with the skin. This keeps your makeup clean, which extends the shelf-life.
  • The Earth Tones tend to mix with the Neutral Line the best for natural results.
  • Blues, whether Earth Blue or Dye Blue, are powerful colors. They can overtake a formula very easily. If you do not want a heavy blue result, start with a little of these products in your mixing. You can always add more.