Color Theory

Principles on Color Theory

Primary Colors

All colors we see are derived from three colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. These are your Primary Colors:


Secondary Colors

Secondary Colors are the presence of two Primary Colors mixed together: 

Yellow + Red = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue + Red = Purple


When all three Primary Colors are present, they “neutralize.” Neutral Colors are often referred to with terms like “brown,” “beige,” “tan,” and “blonde.”

“Neutralizing” and “concealing” are terms often considered synonymous. Whether you think of them differently or not, both utilize all three primary colors.

An age-old practice of color theory utilizes the visual aid, the Color Wheel. Colors directly opposite each other on the wheel are generally considered the go-to for neutralizing (a blending of the primaries) or complimenting (not blending; juxtaposition). You can imagine neutralizing yellow with blue and red, or you can look at the Color Wheel and see violet (blue and red).

Neutral Colors