Color and Finish Control

MiXFits is the first makeup color system designed to be the toolkit for color and finish customizations.

Applying makeup is a form of painting, and MiXFits is the only color line that lets you paint on a face
with the kind of immediate creative flexibility paint for paper has. Our products are designed to deliver
the boldest effect a color or finish can have so that you can make adjustments using the same color and
light theories as painters or artists of any other color medium.

MixFits is made up of two types of products: Colors and Elements


The Colors are intensely pigmented and/or dyed, designed as such to be mixed with Elements without a loss in
boldness or tone. A little goes a long way with these products.


The Elements are finished makeups absent color, and those with a finish (Matte, Luster, etc.) are formulated to
stay on the skin with exceptional results. All the Elements are translucent and can be worn as is or you can intermix them or add Colors to whatever end result you are after.