Environmental Impact

Minimalism is our aim.

MiXFits is made with the highest quality ingredients chosen for function. They are used to their max concentration for as high performance and true-to-color results as possible, meaning less product produces stunning results.

The MiXFits patented system and method of use was developed not only to problem-solve and expand options in cosmetics, but also to reduce waste. By breaking down makeup into its most basic parts, you can have all the colors and finishes you want, as much or as little as you want. You can change a finished product at any time, whether it’s MiXFits or other brands. The nature of this product encourages the reuse of containers and tools. We hope to make a difference not only in the use of cosmetics; we hope to alter the mindset of cosmetic consumers.

Our packaging is minimal, too. The box and all parts and pieces are reusable and recyclable.